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Flexible email...

Raggedstaff's email service gives you complete flexibility, including delivery by ODMR, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP and advanced per recipient filtering.

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Web hosting...

Served from well connected servers in custom built data centres, Raggedstaff's web hosting service includes PHP, Perl and graphical statistics as standard.

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DNS Services...

Raggedstaff's DNS hosting service is both flexible and robust, all controlled from an easy to use web interface.

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Design & Development Services...

Raggedstaff offers a full range of design and development services to get your site up and running quickly and professionally. Whether you need a basic online brochure or a database driven fully interactive presence, we and our partners can build it for you.

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...all with a personal touch

Raggedstaff's philosophy is flexibility and approachability. If the service you're after isn't here, get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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Webmail upgrade
Mon Jul 07 2008 21:24
Spam and virus scanning introduced
Tue Oct 11 2005 20:16
New website launched
Sat Sep 10 2005 15:37

System status

Network issues
Fri Sep 25 2009 21:50
Email maintenance
Tue May 06 2008 07:19
Full service restored
Sun Feb 05 2006 14:42
DNS service degraded
Sat Feb 04 2006 23:32
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