Raggedstaff Internet
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Server addresses

The table below shows the server names you should use to access various Raggedstaff services. From time to time it may be necessary to change IP addresses of servers for operational reasons, however we endeavour to ensure that the server names given here don't change. You should always use these names, not IP addresses, when configuring your software.

To protect your account, we recommend that you use TLS where ever it is supported. SSL is an alternative to this that is supported by some software that doesnot support TLS.

Service Server Port Notes
POP3 mail pop3.raggedstaff.net 110 TLS supported
995 Secure SSL
IMAP mail imap.raggedstaff.net 143 TLS supported
993 Secure SSL
ODMR mail odmr.raggedstaff.net 366  
Outbound mail smtp.raggedstaff.net 587 TLS supported
25 TLS supported
ETRN mail etrn.raggedstaff.net 25  
FTP access to webhost www.yourdomain.name 21 TLS supported