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ODMR email services

What is ODMR?

ODMR, or On Demand Mail Relaying, is the ideal email solution for small businesses who need to have several mailboxes, but don't want the complexities of running an SMTP server at the office.

ODMR is a way of enabling delivery of mail by SMTP even to hosts that are connected to the Internet intermittently or have a dynamic IP address. ODMR can also be used to get SMTP mail in to hosts that are behind a firewall or NAT proxy, or for those whose ISP blocks port 25. Unlike normal SMTP, ODMR connections are initiated by the host receiving the mail. After initial authentication the roles are reversed and a normal SMTP transaction begins within the same connection.

Why do I need ODMR?

Traditionally, mail is passed from server to server using a protocol called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). SMTP servers need to have a fixed IP address and to be available 24/7. They also need to open port 25 to the world. This makes it difficult for small enterprises to run an SMTP server.

Often organisations will have all their mail placed in a single POP3 mailbox. They then collect this periodically and try to route it to the right person. However, POP3 was never designed to have mail for more than one recipient in a single mailbox. When mail is placed in a POP3 box some of the recipient information is lost, so it can be difficult to route it properly.

ODMR solves these problems. It is enables small enterprises with intermittent internet connection or dynamic IP addresses to recieve mail in what is, in effect, an SMTP session with the full SMTP envelope information intact. So no more misrouted mail. But because it is initiated by the receiving host, that machine need not be running continuously and can be behind a firewall or even a NAT router.

ODMR and Raggedstaff

Raggedstaff is one of the few ISPs currently offering an ODMR service. With Raggedstaff you can specify which addresses within your domain you wish to be spooled for ODMR delivery, whilst retaining the ability to send certain addresses elsewhere (rewriting to a different address or delivering to an IMAP mailbox for example). As with all Raggedstaff mail accounts, you can use our advanced mail filters to keep your inbox free of junk.