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Exponent CMS

Why use a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is an invaluable tool for managing websites. A good CMS allows you to easily update and modify your site, adding or editing pages or uploading new images without the need for FTP software etc.

A CMS seperates content from presentation, enabling you to give your site a complete change of look at the click of a button without having to rewrite all the content.

A CMS makes it easy for several people to be involved in maintaining the site. Perhaps on author from each department in the organisation, for example. Non-technical staff can easily make changes, and the CMS ensures that all pages have the corporate 'feel'.

Why Exponent?

Raggedstaff's site is managed using Exponent and we have been very pleased with it as a CMS. It presents a simple and intuitive interface to the user yet is highly customisable, allowing almost any design to be integrated into it.

We have considerable experience in using Exponent and can configure Exponent for you on our servers. We can also undertake customisation work to get your design into Exponent - all you need to do is enter the content. Of course, if you really want we can enter the content for you too - the only thing we can't do is write it!

What about other CMSs?

If you have a particular need or desire to use an alternative CMS, the chances are we can accomodate your needs. We're certainly prepared to consider installing other systems. Because we're not so familiar with the insides of other systems, we may not be able to undertake customisation work for you though.